What are the Frequently Asked Questions in the Interview?

Among the interview questions, which may vary according to the subject of the job to be worked on, the position applied by the person and many other details, some basic items can always be preferred in terms of both knowledge and social competence measurement. Although there are many different opinions about the answers to these questions, the most appropriate answers to the human resources specialist or manager in front of the person are accepted in an open-ended line.
If it is necessary to list the main answers to the question of what are the frequently asked questions in the interview, first of all, the sentences used to provide an introduction to the subject and to soften the atmosphere in a way can be mentioned. The question of whether there is difficulty in finding the place where the interview is held is almost one of the most frequently asked questions. Although most of the inexperienced candidates want to justify themselves by highlighting the negativities such as traffic, air temperature, and the complex description of the address, it is preferred to answer this question by stating that there is no problem. In addition, if the interview was attended at a later time than the stated time, an apology and the reason for being late should be stated without exaggeration.
After that, questions can be asked about offering hot cold drinks or cigarettes to analyze the basic behavior of the person in the society. At this point, although most employers want to be comfortable with the candidate by being sincere, it is still useful to politely decline these presentations to eliminate the possibility of even minor accidents that may occur.
In the personal questions section, details can be given about trying to get little information about the past life of the person, asking why he resigned or dismissed if he was working in a job before, and whether the position applied for in the career ladder will be satisfactory.

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