Senior Accountant CV Example

A part of a Senior Accountant’s job description is that they should oversee the overall accounting process for daily transactions. They must observe flawless calculations to avoid further complications and to promote a perfect workflow in the company. It is a very crucial job that will require efficacy, knowledge and skills at its prime.

Senior Accountant CV Example

Connor Manuel F. Sheriff

74 South Audley St.



Phone: 97-865-98


Career Objectives:

As a Certified Public Accountant, I am determined to further cultivate my skills and knowledge acquired through years of study and experience in an innovative institution. I have all the skills that you need in a Senior Accountant and more. I am hardworking, trustworthy and very reliable. My greatest strength is that I can able to cater to the company’s needs with or without supervision. I have also great communication skills that will allow me the ability to share what I know for future cultivations.

Professional Qualification:

1990-2010: Accountant, Winburg Sales Corp.

? Provided book keeping, internal control procedures and internal auditing services.

? Prepared monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for the company

? Created a system to help fellow employees to improve their efficiency

Educational Qualification:

1986-1990: Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Keele University



Surfing the net




Personal Reference(s):

Genevieve R. Winburg

Company Owner

Winburg Sales Corp.

98-896-67 (company number)

Mikayla V. Saffron

Executive Secretary

Winburg Sales Corp.


George T. Harrison

Accountant Supervisor

Winburg Sales Corp.


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