Network Security Administrator CV Example

A network administrator is an IT professional responsible for handling, maintaining and development of computer software and hardware that comprises a computer network. Network administrators mainly deal with the overall state of the network, deployment, server, security and ensure that the network connectivity meets the technical standards prescribed by the network hierarchy of the organization.

A network security administrator should specialize in the installation, maintenance and configuration of PC’s, networking operating systems and networking equipment; securing a certain network; designating IP addresses to the devices connected to the relevant networks; and the configuration of authentication, directory services, and authorization.

Network Security Administration CV Example
Cassiel S. Rice

Aberdeen DC8 1ID



Phone: 28-349-49

Career Objectives:

I am aiming to further make use of my skill and knowledge acquired through years of study and experience in the industry of Information technology as a Network security administrator. I am an effective employee that will provide any employer with only the best results as I am a perfectionist allowing me to settle for only excellent outcome. I have good communication and interpersonal relational skills.

Professional Experience:

2003-Present: Business Consultancy Services

? Implemented change requests for firewall policy

? Acted as a technical bridge between service provider technical team and customer side senior engineers for commissioning new circuits as part of a new work order processing.

? Implemented router relevant changes.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2003: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, University of London



Professional reference will be issued if needed.

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