Medical Administrator CV Example

Medical Administrators plays one of the most vital roles in the medical health care facility. They supervise, coordinate and manage the entire health care facility. Their primary goal is to maintain and constantly improve the quality of care that their patients receive. Medical administrators in small clinics though, have more detailed work compared to those who are administrating in hospitals. These administrators usually take over and manage financial operations, patient admissions and personnel issues. In hospitals, Medical administrators don’t spend their time doing that because they have other medical staff to concentrate on that matter.

Medical Administrators CV Example

Charmay M. Bradshaw

22 North Audley Street



Phone: 83-384-39

Career objectives:

I am searching for a worthy company that will provide me the chance to widely use my knowledge and skills acquired through years of experience and study as a Medical Administrator. I am willing to provide my services for the benefit of the organization at a very advantageous compensation.

Professional Qualification:

2003-Present: Medical Administrator, London Hospital

? Ran a medical administration office with 3 military team members and civilian staff caring for a community of over four thousand people

? Implemented new protocols in areas within the medical center in which was proven to be efficiently effective

1998-2003: Medical Administrator, Humphrey Group of Doctors

? Carried out duties in the Pharmacy department like the dispensary, Imprest, maintain stock levels and completing time expiry lists.


Educational Experience:

1994-1998: Bachelor’s Degree in International Healthcare Management





Professional Reference will be available if required.

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