Interview techniques

Institutions generally prefer face-to-face interviews, that is, the interview technique, for the new personnel they will recruit. Since this interview, which is provided by company managers in enterprises and administrative managers in institutions, can be carried out with different methods, interview techniques come into play in this regard.
The interview is one of the most difficult parts of the recruitment process. The person who will be interviewed within the institutions is at a very serious point, both in terms of conscience and knowledge. Because the interview; The behavior determination system can be done in the form of a panel or in the form of a traditional face-to-face interview. In particular, the behavior-determining interview system, on the other hand, evaluates the past of the person in recent years, taking into account previous work experiences and achievements.
In general, while interviewing in our country, candidates are asked questions about their education, work experience and perspective on life. In this context, both interview training for people who will apply for a job and want to gain comfort, and training programs for those who will manage interviews in institutions are provided as an important support in our system.

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