Europass CV

A CV file that you have prepared classically with general information will not replace an adequate application file for every institution. Because you will need to use a system like Europass CV to provide a standard CV that will clearly demonstrate your skills and competencies.
In Europass CV content; certain details such as personal information, work experiences, education and personal skills are absolutely included. You can easily prepare this CV file by downloading the contents of the Europass CV word among the examples in a classical way. This CV system has been used as standard in Europe since 2002 with a voluntary and free use.
In fact, instead of downloading it as a Word file, it is also possible to use the Europass CV online system to obtain an easier system. In other words, in this system, which is presented as an example on the web page, you can print directly from the editor after you enter your own information. In this way, you can use this file that you have prepared in English or Turkish, both in Turkey and in many different countries of Europe.

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