Are There Trap Questions in Interviews and How Should They Be Answered?

While some important questions are asked within the framework of accessing details about the knowledge of the people in the interviews held within the framework of the job interview, mostly experienced human resources specialists or bosses try to reveal the behaviors and thoughts of the candidates that they would not or would not want to show under normal conditions, along with some trap questions.

About Interview Questions

Before you get worried and negative thoughts about whether there are trap questions in the interview, preparing answers to some small questions that are usually asked or having knowledge on this basis will always help to gain positive points.
The most common of these trap questions are about how the day is going and whether the meeting point is easy to find. While they may seem like classic everyday conversations when viewed roughly, these questions can actually reveal one’s deepest worries and insecurities. People who complain that the address is not fully specified or that it is difficult to reach the area in question, also reveal their negative behaviors and feelings, such as not being able to connect the information given or not consulting those who are more knowledgeable than themselves when necessary. In addition to this, treats directed to the person can also connect with negative results according to the definition and task of the job.

Persons who immediately accept drinks, cigarettes and similar treats addressed to them in an interview related to management or a similar qualification, or who make different demands on the offered treats, may receive negative opinions on the grounds that they do not have the necessary seriousness and work discipline. These trap questions, which may change according to the direction of the career direction, cease to be a problem after being encountered in a few job interviews one after the other, by ensuring that the person gains experience and does not repeat his previous mistakes.

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