Accounts Payable Invoice Administrator (API Admin) CV Example

An Accounts Payable Invoice Administrator is responsible in handling the supplier’s invoice according to its specific local company deviations and sourcing process. Their responsibility is to follow up on parked and blocked invoices and invoice receipts (GR/IR) or pending goods receipts. They prepare the materials and documents if an issuance shall be requested by the external auditors. Taking the initiative for escalating issues to the concerned department is also a part of their responsibilities. Aside from that, it is also their job to initiate or rather, innovate the current tools, routines and processes relevant to the sector to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Accounts Payable Invoice Administrator (API Admin) CV Example
Theodore Benneth J. Gatlisle III

Queens Road



Phone: 34-878-09

Career Objective:

As a professional in the accounting field, I am a representative of hard work, reliability, and efficiency. I have the desire to only provide the best that I can do in everything regarding my career. I have the initiatives to work hard as the dream of success drives me of doing nothing but excellent work. One of the characteristics that set me apart from other people is that I am a very competitive person.

Professional Qualification:

2008-Present: Accountant, Caleb Suppliers, Inc.

? Provided monthly, quarterly and annual liquidation for the company.

? Processed files, documents and records with extreme privacy.

2004-2008: Payroll Supervisor, Syringe Medical Technologies, Corp.

? Provided monthly paychecks to the employees.

? Commenced weekly updates of the employees’ personal information for 3 years

? Issued complete record of the Payment Details to every employee.

2000-2003: Accountant, Carmona Technologies

? Provided quarterly, monthly and annual liquidation of assets and liabilities

? Assisted in training new applicants in the Accounting Department

? Received an “Accountant of the year” Award

Educational Qualifications:

1996-2000: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Lancaster University


Surfing the net




Professional Reference:

Professional Reference can be issued if required.

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